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Love Rafting? Be a guide!

Every spring we offer raft guide training. In 4-5 intense weekends you will learn a new skill that will wow your friends and coworkers (and maybe even yourself). No classroom or video stuff–all training is hands on-on the river!

You will meet lots of interesting people, develop long last friendships, and even earn some respect. You will have an adventure of a lifetime. So get off that couch and spend your weekends doing something-something fun-and even get paid for it.

For the 2015 season, training starts on the river the weekend of May 16th and goes thru the weekend of June 20th. The cost for this class is $350 and includes all rafting gear and a wetsuit. That’s 4 full weekends of rafting, plus hands on learning of a new super cool sport, all for only $350. But we make this deal even better, if you guide 12 trips for us during the 2015 season, we will refund you $300 of the fee. Email or call for complete class schedule and details. All training and most paid guide positions are on the weekends, Saturdays and/or Sundays, thru out the summer.

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